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Pok mon Go Price Convention for Johto Tour Ticket Check Your Store

My fear will come true, I expressed just twelve hours on December 8, 2021, at 8:00 pm: The non-comprehensible inconsistent Pokéminzen prices for the lock mod box in Pokémon Go flaps seemingly also on the real money — prices for the Photo Tour in February 2022 over. Apparently, prices for the ticket depending on the shop or store regionally vary between 9.99 euros and 12.99 euros. WTF?! Again?!

Small tip for you on the edge: If you have different stores available to buy the ticket, then compares the prices!

Price for the lock module box: Do not you know exactly

A short recap for those who do not want to guess my article on the lock module box prices: Pokémon Go players have found that prices for the lock mod box vary in the shop of the game. They are between 350 and 700 poke coins. What the players are the most demanding that can not be understood why a higher or lower price is called.

I was already fearing the place that this could become a problem, namely, if these price variations relate to real money prices, such as community day tickets or just for large events like the Photo tour next February 2022.

Price for the Photo Tour: Do not know that exactly

Kittypokemonal of Pokémon Go Hub has noticed this price variation with two Pokémon Go son the same device, but downloaded from two different stores, namely Google Play and Samsung Store. The same account is used. In one app (Google Play) Kitty should pay 10.99 British pounds, in the other (Samsung Store) 11.99.

IOS users with which Kitty is known which, on the other hand, should be 9.99 British pound wages. Of myself, the people of Ni anti want to have 11.99 euros, on my two accounts via iOS (once Google Account, once Apple account).

A father from the Netherlands reports that he is to pay in his Pokémon Go from the Samsung Store 12.99 euros, his son with Pokémon Go from Google Play, however, 11.99 euros. Apparently, when buying the ticket to the Photo tour, Ni antic gives the different store fees unfiltered to the players. And the traps there, obviously… Weird out.

And again the conversion rates…

That’s already the canto tour and is back to the Photo tour : The rates, with which the original US dollar prices are converted in different countries, are absolutely intolerable depending on the local and regional location. At that time, it was such that, for example, players in Brazil had to work for the purchase of an event ticket due to lower minimum wings times, while we may invest in Central Europe just two hours.

Buying JOHTO TOUR Ticket Pokémon Go
Also, there seems to be problems with the conversions themselves. At Pokémon Go Hub, Player Meteorash15 from India reports that the conversion of $11.99 should be 904 INR, and not the 1,050 INR requested for the ticket.

Usually, the people of Ni antic only show prices in US dollars and remark (for example, in the case of Photo Tour): Tickets cost $11.99 (or the corresponding amount in your local currency, plus taxes and charges). The transparency that the creators of Pokémon Go have summoned only in the fall, but remains there on the track.

Does the Photo tour for you to the Not tour?

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I am impressed with smartphone prices next year Cost rise inevitable

The prices of smartphone sales are expected to impress the sale of smartphone next year due to long-term semiconductor suppliers.

This year, smartphone main parts are hidden, and some flags have been impressed by some sales prices of smartphones. Recently, it is a diagnosis that the smartphone price hikes are inevitable as the application processor (AP) supplier (AP) of the smartphone’s brain.

■ Mobile AP, modem chip, Wi-Fi et al.

According to the IT Professional Media GSM Arena, Mediated said that the 18-day flags released on the 18th of last month AP ‘Decencies 9000’ is expected to be expensive near the previous product. However, Qualcomm is supplied to the next generation AP ‘Snapdragon 8’ 1st generation, which announced on the 30th (local time) last month.

Decency 9000 is observed as it will be supplied to B-B-Bi, Real Mi, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Opposes, and the like to be supplied to the future. According to market research counters, MediaTe ch is the first time in the world’s smartphone AP market in the world. That means that it has a lot of supply. According to the industry, it is to be construed as considering Qualcomm Chip price hikes in the second mobile AP market.

In addition to the AP in the smartphone, CMOS image sensor (CIS), memory, short-range wireless communication (NFC), gyro sensor, battery management system (BMS), display drive chip (DDI), audio amplifier, and fingerprint sensor, etc. About 40 semiconductors And. The proportion of semiconductors on the smartphone is more than half.

MediaTe ch has raised 4G and 5G modem chip prices on smartphones last month, respectively, raising up to 14%, 5%, and 20% of Wi-Fi chip prices. ST Microelectronics, which supplies touch sensors and TOF sensors, also raised the price of June, and the impressive price is observed to be applied to the end of this year or next year. In addition, the majority of semiconductor companies have impressed chip prices.

TSMC, Samsung Electronics, UMC, DB Hatch, such as Semiconductor Foundry, is also increasing as the price of the Foundry price hikes in the second half of this year.

A domestic smartphone component industry official said, The smartphone manufacturer is a well understanding of the shortage of the chip supply, said the atmosphere that is generally understood by the chip price hikes, he said..

■ Increased smartphone price next year due to cost rising

Chip price hikes lead to the rise in parts.

According to the data analyzed by the Market Research Agency Tech Inn site, the Part of the iPhone 13 Pro is estimated to be about $570 (about 671,000 won). Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro’s parts source, approximately $548.50 (646,000 won). The report was analyzed by the A15 processor, NAND memory, display subsystem, and main enclosure costs to increase.

You can't ignore rugged phones any longer

The index is an analysis that the impressions are inevitable in smartphone sales price hikes. According to the Market Research Agency Strategy Analytics (SA), the average wholesale price of smartphones around the world rose 5% in the second quarter. It is an unusual flow compared to what was not climbed more than 2% in recent years.

In the case of Xiaomi, the Red Mi Note 10 was released in India in March (about 189,000 won), but it sold at $174 (about 2005,000 won) have.

The main IT foreign and industry is expected to increase about $100 from the Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy S22 series price, which is released next year, According to Oceana, the expected price of Galaxy S22 series is △ Galaxy S22 $849 (about 1,900,000 won) △ Galaxy S22 + $1.49 (about 1246,000 won) △ Galaxy S22 Ultra $1,299 (about 154 million) It is 4,000 won.

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