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Riot Games, TFT Machine and Device Championship Finish

Riot Games (Korea CEO Hyuk -jin Cho) said that Korea’s representative ‘Dudu’ Kim Wan -soo took third place and ‘Uul -ri’ Lee Woo -jung ranked fourth in the TFT machine and device championship held from April 29 to May 1. I revealed it.

‘Dudu’ Kim Wan -soo and ‘Ulli -jung’ Lee Woo -jung advanced to the round of 16 with 12th and 14th in the 32th round held on April 29, respectively.

Kim Wan -soo and Lee Woo -jung scored second and eighth in the round of 16, which was held on the second day of April 30, respectively.

Kim Wan -soo scored six points in the first round of the final day, which was held on the last day.

TFT Worlds 2022 Grand finals game 3 day 3 Set 6.5

Kim Wan -soo, who scored seven points in the third round, aimed for a reversal in the last round, but gave the first place to Liluo Lee Kwang -chan. Kim Wan -soo was ranked third with a total of 24 points, and Lee Woo -jung finished the championship schedule with fourth place with 17 points.

The championship went to China’s representative ‘Liluo’ Lee Kwang -chan. Li Kwang -chan reached the top with the overwhelming record of both the round of 16 and the final round on the second day. China has won two consecutive victories by winning the ‘Machine and Device Championship’ following the ‘Judgment Championship’.

The winning Lee Kwang -chan was awarded a $ 48,000 prize of $ 48,000 and a large golden flipped trophy plated with 24K pure money. Kim Wan -soo, who won third place, won the third place $ 18,000 (about 22.3 million won), and Lee Woo -jung, who won the fourth place, won $ 16,000.

Riot Games (League of Legends) acquires shares in the Arcane

The Netlix series Arcane is known to be the best thing that has ever been made in the field of animation series. Contradiction is futile (or so). At least the enormous success of the first season gives us right. But even if the series turns around the Runeterra Universe from League of Legends, there is not only developer Riot Games behind the implementation. In fact, the French Animation Studio Fortiche Production is responsible for Arcane.

Intensive partnership for the future

Forteen Production and Riot Games work together on projects for many years. The beginning of 2013 was the music video “Get Jinxed”. Later, productions like Warriors and Enemy followed. Currently, both companies work together at the second season of Arcane and otherwise not announced projects.

In the future you want to intensify the previous cooperation. It also fits that Riot Games recently acquired a minority share of festivals and then take a consultation role in the Supervisory Board.

_ “Collaboration with Riot Games in general and Arcane in particular has made progress production to a new major company in the international animation scene. Riot Games gave us the possibilities of achieving our common goals through his trust, and shown that one can make new content accessible to a broader audience. In 2023 our cooperation for the tenth time is present: There is no better way to illustrate the trust and ambitions of our two companies than through this partnership! “_, say Pascal Charrue, Jérôme Combue and Arnaud Delord, the founders of forticles.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix

The successes of Arcane

The Animation Series Arcane landed at Netflix in November 2021 worldwide on the charts worldwide and was able to defend this position for three weeks, it managed in over 52 countries in the top 10 and got from Rotten Tomatoes one of the rarest reviews: 100%.

In addition, the series recently received nine nominations for the 49nd Annie Awards and is thus the TV series with most nominations of the year, including “Best TV / Media General Audience”, “Best Character Design” and “Best Writing”. “Enemy”, the single of the Imagine Dragons of the original soundtrack was streamed over 1 billion times and has reached the Billboard rock charts.

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Riot gets Christmas and sends a very special gift from Arcane to one of his biggest fans Hideo Kojima

Sensation is a 1996 American charming fantasy dramatization film directed by Jon Turteltaub, written by Gerald Di Ego, and starring John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, and also Jeffrey Demand. In the movie, a pleasant, small-town every man is inexplicably changed into a wizard with telekinetic powers. The original songs score was composed by Thomas Newman.

Arcane, the series based on the Universe of League of Legends, has become a world phenomenon. Not for nothing has become the original Netflix series with the best rating at IMDB, a success that reiterates with a perfect score on the Rotten Tomatoes platform. The fascination of viewers has infected personalities from the video game industry, since, within this community of people dazzled by the history of Jinx and VI, there is one that stands out among the rest: Video Kolyma.

The Japanese Creative had already published some of Arcane’s impressions on Twitter, to which he considers an excellent series, and Riot Games has wanted to respond to these praises by sending a gift. First, Kolyma has published a box decorated with arcane motifs in which several elements have been found that reference aspects of the series, such as a teddy or sneakers to go by home.

But the strong plate came later, with another toot of the video game creator in which it is observed a great figure of the Sisters VI and Jinx loaded with details. Something that Kolyma accompanies by a couple of photos in which a small part of the assembly process is shown.

How to Unlock ALL Riot X Arcane Rewards! | Arcane Rewards Walkthrough

The rest of Arcane fans does not have the possibility to acquire this figure, since Riot Games has not commented on anything about marketing it, but we can always visit the cities of Faun and Plover until the premiere of the second season. However, it is most likely that we kill the time with other series, since it has been confirmed that the return of VI, Jinx and company will not reach 2022.

Ruined King A League of Legends Story Debuts by surprise Price launch trailer and more

Riot Games, Inc. is a developer Riot Forge well Riot Forgeputer game posting Riot Forge well Riot Forge organizer of the United States electronic sporting activities competitions bRiot Forgeed in West Los Angeles, The Golden State. The company wRiot Forge founded in September 2006 to establish Organization of Legends, a multiplayer computer game of online fight sand. Because its launch in 2009, the firm hRiot Forge actually generated a number of video games stemmed from the very same franchise. For the computer game, Riot Games runs 14 leagues of electronic sports at an international level and the globe champion of Organization of Legends. Until May 2018, Riot Games had 24 offices worldwide, in which he made use of around 2500 individuals. Because 2011, Riot Games is a subsidiary of Tencent Chinese empire. Riot Games hRiot Forge obtained criticism of denunciations of sex discrimination and unwanted sexual advances in the workplace and also, Riot Forge a result, by its use forced adjudication in disagreements.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Riot Games surprises with the launch of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The title is already available for purchRiot Forgee in digital format in a selection of platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The version dedicated to the new generation will come later.

Ruined King: Editions, Price and details

Under the Riot Forge seal and developed by Airship Syndicate, creators of Battle ChRiot Forgeers, Ruined King: a League of Legends Story Explore the Riot universe in a totally different format. We are facing a shift RPG where you will fight for the hostilities of the Shadow Isles. You can see your trailer at the head of this news.

The title is marketed in two editions. Standard Edition is at a price of 29.99 euros. If you make the purchRiot Forgee before December 16 you will receive the Exclusive Malamute sword for Yahoo. Second is the Deluxe Edition, which incorporates some extra accessories: Riot Forgepects of ruin for all playable champions (Miss Fortune, Ellie, Baum, Yahoo, HRI and Pike), the package of weapons lost and The initial package of ruin. It is also welcomed the promotion for limited time.

In this area. Of rows, reveals the publisher in its official description. Configure your champion team and combine skills to forge new strategies. Elegy your strategy for each meeting with enemies and adjust the speed of actions to react to events of the environment or modify the effects of your skills, and thus change the battle from the battle.

Computer users can find it in several clients, such Riot Forge Steam, Epic Games Store and Gog. If you buy the PS4 or Xbox One version you will receive the corresponding one in the new generation without additional cost. While they appear you can play it in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S via compatibility.

Among US also works with League of Legends

Fear to think about what Riot Games prepared to promote her Arcane series. By the way you have already seen the first three episodes? If not, I encourage you, even when you are not a fan of League of Legends, the show is still perfect! However, this is not today…


The Crossover train cooperates also attaches Among Us, which next to Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, is another game to which Runeterra will hit. How will it look like this title? Harbinger will go to Among US, as a peel, just like Enforcer from Plover, which is quite SUS. We do not know more details, but theoretically today we will learn more.

Are you also interested in topics related to Arcane Series Games?

The creators of Among Us today are to provide details about the latest update in which you have a new type of imposter, Shape-shifter. This figure will be able to take a temporary appearance of a selected crew member. As part of the new products, we also receive other elements, but we will find out about it today at 20:00.

LOL Patch 11 21 Two great farewells six new Skins and a dozen settings

League of Legends continues in a period of transition to the next preseason, but Riot Games is not willing to neglect the final weeks before introducing the great transformations. Inevitably we have the head put on new dragons and objects never seen, but along the way we have a couple of updates. The first will be patch 11.21 , which reaches the game to make a few very necessary adjustments and lay the foundations so that the end of season arrives in the best possible condition.

The two great farewells of the patch 11.21

The most striking in the current patch does not come in the form of changes to champions, if not on the systems. The Global Chat that we have been enjoying years allows players to communicate with rival teams, but will be disabled as part of a Riot Games experiment. A measure against the toxicity that the developer will put in the test phase to decide if finally we returned this dear function and hated equal parts that so many good times has given League of Legends.

We also have another farewell, since the chupasangre could stop being the king of the metajame. A item that we will not miss so much in the event that Riot Games finally gets its goal with the adjustments and that is part of the veinnian equilibrium changes that the developer has scheduled for this patch 11.21. Some of them, designed to solve the imbalances caused with the previous versions to the Worlds 2021 that slightly increased the variety of characters available in the World Championship.

Nor could the new aspects be missing, which on this occasion they come to give out a collection inspired by the dragons. On the one hand we will have a series of champions to domesticate them (Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear) and by the other to those who have joined the ranks of these mythological monsters (Yone and Yasuo). Very expected additions that are the anteroom to the arrival of the aspects inspired by Arcane that will arrive in the next version.

Summary of the patch 11.21

Although you can find the complete notes later, first of all a summary for the most lazy.

Changes to champions:

Bufos: Viego, Teemo, Lux, Xayah, Jinx, Sion
Nerfeos: Quinn, Graves, Akshan, Karthus, Miss Fortune

Changes to objects and runes:

Bufos: ingenious hunter, basic life rune
Nerfeos: Guardian, Conqueror, ChupasAngres, Voraz Hunter
Settings: Screensavers

New Skins:

Dragons: Yasuo and Yone
Dragomantes: Kai sa, Karma, Thresh and Volibear


Eliminated Global Chat (/ ALL)

LOL The hardest comparison for Riot with the most outdated mechanics that must change

League of Legends It has been updating as the years have passed. The new champions, skins or changes that receives the game help you maintain a good look that makes you look like a recently launched title. However, some of the most disastrous mechanics that came from its first days still cause problems to players and Riot Games have had infinite limitations when developing news that they have even made us raise the need for a new graphic engine.

The most odious comparison for League of Legends

One of the most desperate elements inherited from the initial stages of development is the difference of the sum invoker . Although many players are not fully aware of their effects, this can create visual imbalances in which it seems that a skill raises very far from us but ends up impacting or making the indicators of essential releases for the clarity of the game becomes completely invisible.

This situation has given rise to many problems throughout the history of League of Legends and delve into the deception that generates naturally the perspective of the camera. However, it would be perfectly avoidable. In Dota 2, the most powerful competition of the game, the problem has been resolved optimizing the indicators of skills and creating much more natural effects in which these spells can even make that unevenness.

Riot Games already has systems to make projectiles more understandable independently of the height at which the characters are located. However, the developer does not apply it to all skills so that there are some that can cause problems. Developers have made a meritorious effort renovating many functions, but there are always limitations that prevents perfect performance. Without leaving any further, Riot Games had to change the design of VEX at the last minute due to this type of compayments.

League of Legends harder penalties for AFK

In many online games, comrades that are suddenly and for a long time are inactive, a big problem. This Afkler (AWAY from Keyboard) not only hold on the actual gameplay, but ensure that the team concerned must act in fact that the affected team must act. This can be very frustrating and is not different from the MOBA League of Legends. In order to stop this behavior as quickly and effectively as possible, the Developer Studio Riot Games introduces harder penalties.

So far, there have been repeatedly noticed for players in League of Legends (now) by AFK actions, only queue delays. This is a short-term blockade when clicking the play button. Although this punishment works in principle according to statement by Riot Games, nevertheless they want to introduce a tightening to also bring the remaining afzler to reflect. For this reason, there will be the so-called queue locks in the future. As soon as a player gets down this punishment, he receives a corresponding message including a short explanation. In addition, he can no longer enter into the queue of the MOBA for a certain period of time. If it is repeating offenders, there is a tightening of the penalty in several classes. In the most extreme case, the barrier takes 14 days. Here are the overview:

Class 0 – No lock
Class 1 – No lock
Class 2 – No lock
Class 3 – No lock
Class 4 – 1 day
Class 5 – 3 days
Class 6 – 7 days
Class 7 – 14 days

Riot Games, however, stressed that the last word has not been spoken in this topic. The team wants to first observe the new system and its effects and to initiate further steps if necessary. What do you think of the new penalties? Are you justified or are you shooting beyond the goal? Let s know us in the comments!

Source: Riot Games

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LOL The perfect play that shows that League of Legends is also a matter of instinct

In sewing and also haute couture, a pattern is the design template from which the components of a garment are mapped onto textile before being removed and put together. Patterns are usually made from paper, and also are often constructed from tougher materials like paperboard or cardboard if they need to be much more durable to endure repeated use. The procedure of making or reducing patterns is sometimes compressed to the one-word Patternmaking, however it can also be created pattern(-)making or pattern cutting.

A sloper pattern (home stitching) or block pattern (industrial manufacturing) is a custom-fitted, fundamental pattern from which patterns for various designs can be established. The process of changing the size of a finished pattern is called grading.
Several firms, like Butterick as well as Simplicity, specialize in offering pre-graded patterns straight to customers that will sew the patterns in the house. Industrial clothing suppliers make their very own patterns in-house as part of their style and also manufacturing process, normally utilizing at least one specialized patternmaker. In bespoke clothing, slopers and also patterns need to be established for each and every customer, while for commercial production, patterns will be made to fit several common body sizes.

The great plays of League of Legends are usually cut by the same pattern. They may be a matter of prodigious mechanics, an intelligence above that of the rival or a simple reflex act that makes us make a perfect decision at the right time. However, controlling everything in the title of Riot Games is practically impossible and sometimes we have to trust us from our instinct to make a decision or, otherwise, it will be too late.

A risky play with perfect result

The risky decision of trying to predict the behavior of our rivals can have extraordinarily positive consequences or leave us in the greatest of the ridiculous. In the end, the movements that we do instinctively are based on previous experiences and do not have because adapting to an unpublished situation as it is to face a new rival. But at the lack of alternatives, the protagonist of the play that we bring you decided to accept the risk to end up signing a spectacular play .

As we see in the play, after an exchange in the central lane that was destined to end one of the two players returning based on the worst way, Sylas decided Flash at the right time to dodge a definitive Malphite launched . A movement that goes well and that serves him to end the rival using the ultimate stolen. The result could not be better: the rival falls spending both spells when it was too late.

Being Proactive & Reactive - Improve Your Decision Making!

Sometimes League of Legends is a matter of risking. In the case of being impacted by the unstoppable force, it is unlikely that the Sylas would have had enough time to turn the situation around and would have been at a disadvantage. However, Thanks to this instinctive decision, he was able to ensure a victory in Elclash who served for him and his colleagues to rise with the first position.


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