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Bet on the ESPORTS: All advantages

???? ESPORT BETTING - Is It Profitable - Worth it? ( Esports Betting Guide )
In the first half of last year, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez announced the creation of Europa Super League (the followers were already waiting anxious to make their bets on Match.Center), a Tournament that included the most important teams of Europe to detach from the UEFA Champions League . The goal of this creation was that the great teams of the old continent face without the need to play other games against smaller equipment, however, this brought a lot of controversy that almost ends with the de-affiliation of various teams of the FIFA and the impossibility that your players will dispute tournaments with their selections, which made this invention in nothing.

Another one of the reasons why they wanted to do e.s.l. , was to attract young people, since according to Pérez These preferred to look at youtubers and streamers rather than watching a football game. While today the boys prefer to see their YouTubers play videogames, this does not mean that football is losing spectators, much less. Currently, the visualizations that the streamers have are very low compared to the visualizations that have the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup , however, electronic sports are increasingly stronger and most seen. In the last year, the number of views of the final esports has been almost the same as those of Super Bowl.

And although it looks like a lie, many betting pages offer the possibility of betting on electronic sports or esports . Fans make their bets on FIFA, League of Legends, Fortnite and Counter Strike tournament, These work in the same way as bets on “common” sports, we should only make sure that this page complies with all the Requirements and be reliable.

These bets can be very easy to hit, since it is enough to find out a bit on the Internet to know what are the strongest teams and which are the most recommended electronic sports.

Another advantage to bet is that you can find forecasts, made by specialist in these esports , which will make you make a great play. But this is not all, the algorithm is much more precise than in the case of traditional sports and with this we can have detailed information about the departure that is playing, in real time. For example, in case we want to bet on a game of Counter Strike: Go , this will give in detail the possibility of each team to be able to win, based on the map that is playing, the points that have the Equipment and skills that players have.

Electronic sports are on their way to becoming a new Olympic sport and apparently this will be within very little, since the coi is evaluating the possibility of including them in the Olympic Games of 2024. It is only waiting to know how they go. To evolve these sports and see if they will eventually obverse themselves.

The FIFA has no desire for an exclusive deal with EA

The International Football Federation Association [2] (in French, Fédération Internationale de Football Association) [3] universally known for its acronym FIFA, is the institution that governs football federations throughout the planet. It was founded on May 21, 1904 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is part of the IFAB, an organism in charge of modifying the rules of the game. In addition, FIFA organizes the Football World Cup, the other world championships in their different categories, branches and variations of discipline, and the Olympic tournaments at the part of the IOC. FIFA Group 211 soccer associations or federations from different countries, with 17 countries affiliated more than the United Nations Organization, three less than the International Athletics Federations Association and two less than the International Basketball Federation. [4] [5]

EA SPORTS and FIFA are currently in a stalemate. The exclusive deal between the two major powers runs out of 2022, and according to a New York Times report, the football organization requires a billion dollars for the use of naming rights – and every four years.

FIFA soon under a new name? EA does not want to pay this sum and plays openly with the idea to rename your football simulations . According to EA, the FIFA goes into the offensive, and everything is currently indicating a failure of the deal.

It will probably not give FIFA 23

In a blog entry on the own website, the FIFA is clearly positioning itself against another exclusive contract with EA. One is excited about the future of gaming and esports for football . These areas should not be controlled by a single party (EA) according to the statement. Furthermore, it says:

The future of gaming and eSports for football stakeholders must include that not all rights are controlled and exploited by a company.

What does that mean? The FIFA wants to maximize your possibilities in the gaming area in the future. And that sees the organization obviously not given if EA again would be the only contract partner. Already there is allegedly an active betting exhibit of multiple mobile and technology companies that compete for cooperation with FIFA:

As a consequence, FIFA deals with some actors of [Gaming] Indust, including developers, investors and analysts […]. The result should ensure that FIFA has several matching actors with specialized skills by hand to actively create the best experience and offer for fans and consumers.

The background to the requirement of FIFA can be found here:

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more on the subject

FIFA report reveals gigantic sum that EA would have to pay for naming rights

How does it continue? An extension of the exclusive contract between FIFA and EA is now virtually excluded. To openly, both sides communicate their rejection.

However, it is still possible that EA continues to use the name of FIFA and its licenses, just not as the only publisher / developer. In this case, then the price would fall, because the FIFA could take money with its licenses through further cooperation. In addition to the EA console / PC game, there are probably separate mobile games and eSports institutions from other companies.

Other current news about the FIFA series:

FIFA 22: The first Title update is now available for PS4, Xbox One and Next gene
FIFA 22: EA boss holds on Lootboxes, despite new gambling laws
FIFA 22: EA invents anime character to sell you expensive microtransaction

These licenses hang on the deal

In football business is a lot of money. But a billion dollar is still an extremely high demand, if we remember that in the deal with FIFA not much inverted. Ultimately, it is about the use of the name and the rights to the assets of the football world championships (names, logos, etc.). Even eSports tournaments want to change the FIFA himself.

Other licenses are retained: Official players, teams and leagues will continue to be in the football games of EA, no matter how they are called. Because this is different cooperation that has nothing to do with the FIFA. Only a few days ago EA announced that the contract with the player union FIFPRO was extended , which represents over 65,000 football professionals.

Would you like to see the FIFA licenses in other games? And FIFA under a new name, is that ever conceivable?

FIFA 21 No preview packs more for promo

Since Last June, EA Sports has spent the gambling allegations regarding FUT with the preview packs, which has already proclaimed the contents of the packages from the FUT-SHOP previously revealed. But in the meantime, the popular previews for promo content has been largely disappeared – how does the developer take a look at FIFA 22 in the future?

The Californian developer is faced with allegations that the pack mechanism of FUT should be gambling. In countries such as the US or the Netherlands, this was also underpinned officially. With the introduction of preview packs, where players could take a look at their content prior to the acquisition of card packages, EA Sports wanted to counteract the criticism. In the course of the Festival of Futball Events or at the beginning of the Futies promo, all packs were equipped with the preview option.

No sales loss communicates

Now it seems to give a turnaround. Currently, a premium gold player – as well as a rare-mega pack in the fut shop without a preview possibility are available, for which classic bronze, silver and gold packs, however, there is still a preview. Does EA Sports say goodbye to the new packs after just over two months? The fact that the virtual bags have a negative impact on the turnover of the FUT microstransaktions for EA Sports, was recently denied themselves (link: also EA satisfied: good chances of preview packs in FIFA 22). The more surprising is currently the removal of the preview packs.

Preview Packs in FIFA 22?


The well-known leader ‘Futzone’ wants to know more information and reports via Twitter that there will no longer be preview packs in FIFA 21. For this, the option should return to FIFA 22. The gambling discussion continues both the community, EA SPORTS itself as well as the authorities in breath. With the Preview Packs, the Californian developer seems to be an active step towards his critics after the company previously wanted to suffocate any gambling debates in the germ. The persistent pressure from the outside makes a return of the preview packs anyway more than likely to work. So far, EA Sports has not expressed itself to the new developments and the disappearance of the option.

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