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LOL: Taste with revenge, Estral defeats Team Aze in the Playoffs de la Lla.

Starting the upper playoffs we have a rematch of the final of the Opening Tournament, Estral faces Team Aze to determine the first team that will advance, on the one hand the pharaohs have had a fairly solid tournament on the other the Aces have failed to have the impact They would like and now they will have to get their improvement strategies to make their opponents fall.

In the first game we see an approach to use Taliyah in the hands of Bugi to leave the current leaders of the table comfort, playing with a quick style and effective ambush the pharaohs team maintains calm in the confrontation to take Important casualties that gave it an advantage that would not release during the game to take the match to the bag.

For the second map the pressure generated Mireu in the central part managed Team that shows the pharaohs, a complicated situation for the champion of the Opening League that ends up falling before Estral.

With a third map that could be the end of aze they take a lee without in the hands of Dimitry that ended up being canceled with the Wukong of Bugi that comes out with great presence in the crack and that manages to be a nightmare for the rivals to have great management of the objectives together with the heralds that open the stage, with team fights that are well executed by the pharaohs to end the series.

A sweet revenge with a 3-0 that demonstrates the great quality of the Pharaoh team and that gives them a chance to be in a single series of being able to reach the great face-to-face final, a very neat game that they show during this confrontation and now they are Thinking about the following week where they will fight against the rainbow or sharks.

Valorant: Leviathan makes fusion to take the pass to the final of the VCT Latam

The Loser Bracket’s final begins with great emotion in an epic confrontation between the merger team against Leviathan, looking for the pass to the grand finale where the Kru team is waiting for the rival, a quite strong duel where the team ofteam LAN Seeks to overthrow the second position of the , taking the best tools for each squad where the key plays show the pass to the final.

All or nothing


The first confrontation puts a map of bind where the team fuses it showed great domain from the beginning when taking a FADE in the hands of dcop with which it would cause ravages and managed to put things 9-3 in The score, on the change of sides the Levianeta would react with great boom achieving thanks to the power of Melser with its heavenly fumes but the ninjas would end the encounter with a 13-10.

In the second map we went to a Icebox where the power of the marine dragon was presented with great bite because Shy would take out a k/I to cancel the rivals getting over the rivals from the rivals from the rivals from the rivals Start to leave the map very tilted for them with 11-1 in the defense, changing to the attack and with the Levianeta on only two rounds were played in favor of them to tie the series.

Arriving at Split that it was the third map we see Tacolilla making himself present in the encounter with an aggressive chamber in the attack that would put several bullets in the rivals to make them fall achieving things in his favor with a 7-5, changing the roles the defense proposed by the Levianeta would be very strong managing to stop Fusion on several occasions to achieve the situation with a 13-6.

A fourth map of Breeze that would be the break point because if the Levianeta won, the series took, the Fusion team would take the lead in the match thanks to Torrify that the head hunter would put In the right places during the first part leaving things with a 7-5, in the change of sides both squads showed a great level within the stage managing to send the situation to an overtime where DCOP with their soy would make the honors of closing with a 14-12.

The decisive map would be Ascent where adverse would show a great job with his wax to make the rivals fall and get important information for the Levianeta to take several rounds in his favor leaving a 9-3, changing From roles we see the reaction of the ninjas that began to hit little by little with a Xander that managed to get rounds for his side to fight at the meeting, however, Leviathan would seek to settle the encounter with some complications with a 13-10 with which they take the pass to the final.

The lower bracket final concludes by putting the Levianeta as the second finalist of the tournament and thereby ensures minimal the fact of being able to participate in Last Chance Qualifier if they would lose before Kru, the two teams that the two teams that the two teams that They are measured today they look for the pass to the international after a great job during the regional tournaments and relive the rivalry of the south to find the champion.

1. FC Cologne: Steffen Baumgart does not want to see OnDrej Duda one week

The future of offensive player Ondrej Duda at 1. FC Köln looks questionable after the preliminary exclusion of team training. The club had confirmed the decision on the Sunday after the victory against Arminia Bielefeld (3-1).

Duda “put his interests on the team’s interests and will initially train individually,” it said, details about Dudas behavior became not known.

Coach Steffen Baumgart, however, discussed the measure in more detail in conversation with Kölner Zeitung. “I don’t want to see it for a week and don’t have it with the team,” Baumgart told the kölner Stadt-Anzeiger: “This decision does not just come, but it is the result of a development. There are of course always two perspectives with such things. “

He wanted to “hang the topic too high”, added Baumgart, in conversation with the EXPRESS he also made it clear: “The door for him is not closed. I don’t see it so dramatic. Something like that can happen in football.”

Duda (27) was not used in the victory against Bielefeld, who would continue to hope for the qualification for a European competition. A week earlier in the derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach (3-1), he was only substituted in the final phase. A total of Duda was on the pitch on 31 game days 29 times and has scored two goals so far.

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* 10 years dominance! So the world looked like Bayern last not master
* The Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on DAZN – register now!

BAUMGART über BIELEFELD und MODESTE | 1. FC Köln | Pressekonferenz | Bundesliga

The Slovak Treaty runs until 2024. Last season, his first at FC, Duda played a major role in the club with 7 goals and 6 templates.

FIFA 22: EA gets 10 million back, because your Lootboxes are not illegal gambling – states court

Back then a charge was made a decision, which was a total of 500,000 euros per week, in which the video game was not readjusted accordingly – with an optimal sentence of 10 million euros.

EA introduced after that to visit job. And currently, simply under one as well as a half years later, the judgment was actually revised.

Which decision is? 2020 The Area Court Prehing the Hague a judgment versus the cram in Ultimate Team. These would have to be classified as a betting after the Dutch legislation, which would call for a matching license that did not exist in the instance of FIFA 21.

The Ultimate Team Mode Infifa 22 and its predecessors is constantly in objection because of the packs. In the Netherlands, a court ruling was taken out that the Lootbox techniques penalized.

Dish states: Wagering certificate now not needed

This has actually currently been decided: As the “Raad van State” officially revealed, the Supreme Administrative Court has now made another decision as the District Court The Hague.

What EA? Reverse the Site Eurogamer saw EA confirmed that FIFA or Ultimate team could not be called a betting in Dutch regulation: “At Digital Arts, the advancement of video games are assisted in, justness, enjoyable as well as value first off. Our priority was constantly to make certain that our gamers in the Netherlands and also around the globe make a favorable experience “( via Eurogamer).

In enhancement, a lot of the packs would be played by the game from the perspective of the court and are additionally limited to a “black market”. Here would instead market whole accounts, as specific packs or their web content.

The court made a decision that the acquisition and also opening of the packs in FIFA are not a “independent video game”, however instead component of an overall game, which calls for particular abilities. The packs would include an arbitrary service to the whole.

Because of these factors, the packs would not violate the Gambling Law from the perspective of the court and would certainly not require a license. Therefore, the imposed positive allowance is reversed (through Raad van State).

Packs repeatedly in objection

What is the trouble with the packs? While you can in fact get many packs concerning the pure play of FUT – something via Division Opponents Rewards, the Weekend Break League, Tasks and also SBCS – is it possible to do you directly with real money to get.

Dutch Court Destroys EA's Dumb Loot Box Arguments, Issues €10m Fine, Rules EA Broke Gambling Laws
You never know what is expecting one in the pack. It can always take place that you put cash in a pack, which includes largely beneficial and useless gamer. Top cards are at the same time extremely, very uncommon. The exemption is just the minimal preview packs, which reveal prior to opening, which remains in it. The FIFA 22 presented to end up being fairer.

Pack method is constantly criticized by players. In addition, large Youtuber to FIFA typically open sheer masses to packs for countless euros to be able to get excellent gamers.

The Ultimate Team Mode Infifa 22 and also its precursors is always in criticism due to the packs. 2020 The District Court Prehing the Hague a judgment against the packs in Ultimate Team. You never understand what is anticipating one in the pack. It can always happen that you put money in a pack, which has mostly helpful as well as pointless player. The exception is only the minimal preview packs, which show before opening up, which is in it.

This material developer may play the money on clicks again – but “typical” gamers that take an example of it, do not have this possibility.

FCK in Osnabrück: Beermann is looking forward to a “football festival”

As the only third-league team next to leaders 1. FC Magdeburg is still unbeaten Osnabrück in the new year, in addition to the round-rounded and given the development candidate for the climb. After the descent from the 2nd league and some setbacks in the first round, the VFL has developed magnificently and receives the 1st FC Kaiserslautern on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At team) with a wide chest.

The positive development can also be attached to leaders and self-green Timo Beermann. The 31-year-old central defender had to fight with a muscle fabric from the winter break and then disperse at the turn of the New Year to Corona. But now the left foot has found his rhythm and was in the Derby against the SV Meppen Victor Trackor – even with the weak right foot (“Plan C”).

The home litigation has air up

Beermann knows the reasons for the upswing, as he reveals in the team interview: “The team was reused in the summer. I felt relatively early that there was a lot of quality in it and the mixture could fit from experienced and young players.” The connection to coach Daniel Scherning also have “very quickly built well, in the team is still a lot of potential”.

To be able to pure in the front, Osnabrück has to improve its home litigation. Already 18 points remained on the Bremen bridge, four games were lost with 0: 1. “Extremely annoying dot losses”, Beermann, however, also recognizes an upward trend here and has a tremendous anticipation of the purple-white outlined on the Lautern game. “Immediately at the first training this week was felt, as they all look forward to the game, the backdrop and the atmosphere at our Bremer bridge. This can be a football festival, finally again,” he says. The atmospheric stadium was probably sold out for the first time since November 2019 with 15,800 spectators.

VfL Osnabrück - 1. FC Kaiserslautern | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22

First FCK defeat since October

For the time being, a victory would be the coronation of the VfL run, especially since Osnabrück would then approach two points on the most recently weaker louder. “They defend unbelievably good,” Beermann knows about the barricoped opponent who had to do without 1: 2 at 1860 München during the week and wondrous to the yellow-banned Leitwolf Mike. “You feel that you know that in the back usually little happens. They turn well, especially over the fast outer defenders and they have people in the box that goals can make, even if their chance is not big.”

The first defeat since October will know the red devil, so beemann, put away. For the VFL, much more depends on “what we put in the place”.

FIFA 22: Fut Birthday Swaps – Tracker Tools Anniversary Ultimate Team

Celebrate the 13 years of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22. Fut Birthday offers you two weeks of content to help you give your team a boost. From the special objects Fut Birthday player with five-star boost power boots or moves access bonus skills, SBC, Fut birthday exchanges and more, you are invited to join fountings in Fut 22!

Each Fut Birthday player will have a five-star update for his weak foot or for moves abilities, bringing a new exciting dimension to his game skills.

By exchanging Fut’s birthday tokens, you will have the opportunity to earn other rich awards.

Earn your first Token Fut Birthday Swaps by accessing Fut between March 4th and March 18th. You can earn up to 24 Fut Birthday Swaps tokens. Fut Birthday Swaps tokens will be available mainly in various challenges and goals.


  • ISA – First redeemable token by accessing Fut. Available until March 18th.
  • Hu Jinghang – Second reddatable token by completing SBC Fut 12 – Available until 7 March.
  • Sijaric – Third reddatable token by completing the SBC Tammy Abraham (spread wealth). Available until 11 March.
  • SERPEZIS – Fourth redeemable token by completing the objectives all crazy for the futter birthday (twelve in the field). Available until 11 March.


  • 22 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Player Pick (between 2 players)
  • 17 Tokens – Fut Birthday Ezequiel Ávila 90 Ovr
  • 14 Tokens – 86+ x 7 Player Pack
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Jean-Paul Boëtius 89 Ovr
  • 10 Tokens – Fut Birthday Team 1 Pack (a Fut Birthday Team 1 player)
  • 8 Tokens – Fut Birthday Cristian Ansaldi 88 Ovr
  • 5 tokens – Ultimate Pack

* 3 tokens – 83-90 x 6 Player Pack
* 2 TOKENS – Rare Players Pack

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Chelsea in the crisis Thomas Tuchel with appeal

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A Champions League game in this form not won and thus have a whopping victory premium left, is already annoying. But if you like the FC Chelsea on Wednesday in St. Petersburg (or on Saturday at West Ham) two guides, in the screening time the 3: 3 conceded and thereby gives away the group victory, something goes wrong.

Chelsea Under Thomas Tuchel ???? Chelsea will win the Premier League - Ian Wright HD

And on Monday, the draw of the eighth-finished finish could be quite evil: Chelsey’s possible opponents are suddenly called Bavaria, Lille, Real Madrid or Ajax.

We forget why we were the better team.


And again, as already on Saturday or the extremely poor performance at promoted Watford (2: 1), Tunnel counted on the subsequent press conference several reasons why his team suddenly shaken almost permanently. After a very good kick-off quarter, in which Man of the Match Time Werner had launched the blues, his team stopped doing things we’ve done in the first 15 minutes, and the feeling developed That we could smile; the feeling was that it’s okay, what we do, as we have the lead and are the better team.

But: We forgot why we were the better team, namely because the concentration and physical use were high enough to be the better team. As soon as it just decreases by ten percent as soon as we start managing results and To change our behavior due to the result, we will be punished. This happened to us at West Ham, and that happened to us today.

In the past three games Chelsea conceded so many goals (seven) as in all previous lots together (six). Tunnel recognizes with his team, which is currently missing two pillars with Mateo Kovacs and N’Gold Kane, a recruitment problem: We start to attack no longer with the same aggressiveness and the same hunger as before, and we were punished twice. The challenge is to close the door to minimize this opportunity, and that’s very simple — you have to have a higher level of sprints, a higher level of intensity and a higher level of concentration. His haunting appeal: The basics must be lifted back to a higher level.

And as soon as possible. In the league, the table management is gone, in the premier class of group victory. Chelsea also gets problems on Saturday against Leeds (4 pm, live! With Real Madrid), the headwind should increase. Not only from, but also for Tunnel.

Where can I find the factory key in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Diego Perez

If you reach Valley Wind works in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you must find the factory key to get access to the system. A grunt of Team Galactic has trapped with a few other grunts in the building to prevent someone from coming in. The Works Key is not in the immediate vicinity, so you have to make a short detour to a nearby city. Here you will find the factory key in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Works Key Position in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The Works Key is not far west of Valley Wind works. Go back to Flo aroma Town and go to the flowerbed in the northwestern corner of the area. Go through the hidden between the trees to reach Flo aroma Meadow.

As soon as you enter Flo aroma Meadow, you will meet two team Galactic grunts that block the way forward. Defeat them in a fight to continue. After defeating the two granters, the man they bothered gives them the factory wrench and something honey as a reward. With the key in hand, you can return to the Valley Wind works.

As soon as you return to Valley Wind works, you can use the key to get in. You have to fight against the grunt of Team Galactic, which has locked together with some other team Galactic members. Mars, one of the commands of Team Galactic, is also present in Valley Wind works, and they have to fight against them before they can continue to Eternal City.

With the Clearing Valley Wind works from Team Galactic members, you can also catch a Brighton. Brighton encounters are limited to one per week and can only be found at Valley Wind works, which makes it quite difficult to get to them. It is a great ghost / flying guy you can add to your team, and its one of the coolest Pokemon of Singh.

How to Find RARE Pokémon in Grand Underground - Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Guide
Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are now available for Nintendo Switch.

Marvin Pouri warns We continue under the stroke

As the first team this season, the FWK stormed the Bayenberg on Sunday and added its first home defeat to the Palace. It was a brutal fighting performance of my team, FWK-Coach Danny Schwarz was looking forward to the second victory in series during his still young term. This time we also had the surge for luck on our side.

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There are still doors. Hopefully enough for the league.

Marvin Pourié

The key to success: a double racket in the middle of the first half, through which the subfronts produced the final score early in the game. The 2-0 scored ex-louder Marvin Pourié, which waved on the stadium of his former employer in the stadium of his former employer ( The club is very important to me ), but nevertheless about his small series with three hits in the past three games Welfare: There are still doors. Hopefully enough for the league.

Marvin Pourie test version
He came back to the FWK from tabular point of view: only two points separate the relegated from the saving shore. According to Pourié prior to the upcoming duel with another of its ex-clubs, namely Eintracht Braunschweig, despite the most recent upswing (2/1/0) to be caution: We continue under the line and have to continue working.

FIFA 22 How to complete the Totw improvement SBC Solutions

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We have a new challenge on team making that we can do to take us a few random letters and that they can come very well for our team and, unlike other occasions, the truth that overcoming this challenge is of the simplest.

However, we have already available the team making challenge called improvement of totw , and we offer you a couple of solutions according to the budget you want to dedicate.

Realize that as a reward we will take a player in the form of the teams of week 1 to 5, but the letter that touches us will be non-transferable.

FIFA 22: How to complete the SBC of Improvement Totw – Solutions

This Totw improvement challenge will be available until on Wednesday, October 27, but you can do it in just five minutes, so it s pretty recommended to tempt a little luck.


Media of minimum equipment 83
Minimum equipment chemistry 70

Solution 1.

Solution 2.

How you see the cost is slightly above 10,000 or 15,000 coins according to the version, although we already tell you that the price of the letters can vary in just a few minutes for the behavior of the transfer market.

If you usually play FIFA 22 , here we leave you with the general guide, especially with: best offensive and defensive tactics for FUT, better new formations for Fut Champions, better movements and skills to destroy your opponents, or the FIFA 22 Cheeta player 22. Also read the best teams of the season.

You should also know the probability in envelopes, changes in goalkeepers, referees and saves in FIFA 22, better goal players to sign fit, better goalkeepers that we can buy and better camera settings.

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