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Happy 15th anniversary at the Assassins Creed franchise

It has already been fifteen years since the Assassin’s Creed franchise has started and the oldest of you have probably started their experience in this universe with Altaïr. Well, Ubisoft has just announced the start of the 15th anniversary of Assassin’s Creed by sharing a video with amateurs. We learn that Aubisoft prepare a few things to thank the community of players. Ubisoft therefore plans to offer surprises, collaborations, awards and also special events to celebrate with the players. This will be on all the franchise games, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at the very first Assassin’s Creed.

The top start of the celebrations is launched today with the community through the dedicated website: and a live stream on Twitch and YouTube. The Development teams of Assassin’s Creed hope that fans will appreciate these celebrations and meet them next September for a very special event during which the future of Assassin’s Creed will be unveiled.


As of today, players will be able to access new free content for year 2 of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including the return of festivals, set 2 of the master’s degree as well as the functionality of Arsenal. In addition, this summer the players will also be able to take part in Odin’s trip, inspired by the Rogue-Lite genre. This trip will lead them to the Niflheim region and will introduce the new game mode the forgotten saga. The latter will offer a whole new approach to the gameplay.

In the fall, players will be able to discover new caves to explore to resolve the mystery of the tombs of the death. in the form of a free chapter for all players.

Infin, to celebrate the 15 years of Assassin’s Creed, a game will be honored each week and will offer players new content, awards and interactive experiences for all on the dedicated website launched today: Assassinscreed15. com. To start, several Assassin’s Creed® Origins tattoos as well as a naval pack are now available in Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla.



_ More information concerning Ass_ assin’s Creed® Valhalla and the other Ubisoft Games are available on: and

Popular Real-Based Fight Shooter Mobile Edition Possible Announcement! “Rainbow Six Mobile”

UBI has announced “ Rainbow Six Mobile ” which is the mobile version of “ Rainbow Six Seses “.

On March 23, 2012, this work was conducted prior to the media. In the presentation video published at the venue, the bank stage is based on the same work as an example, and in cooperation with each studio to port the attractiveness and game property as the existing “sid” competition title. Adjustment and development are done.

Rainbow Six Mobile ” will be released 2022. Services and prices are undecided.

The following is a release of the manufacturer announcement.

Product Overview

A large popular series “Rainbow Six”, which is familiar with more than 80 million players around the world, appears on mobile terminals! “Rainbow Six Mobile” allows you to enjoy multiplayer first person shooters on mobile terminals. In core game mode, five-to-five developments as the attack side or defense side are tuned into a battle that change and change in a focus, and aiming at a three round match while making a violent short distance battle and various rushings. The operation character can be selected from among the advanced training-loaded operators with specific abilities and gadgets. Experience this Tactical Shooter designed for Android and iOS.


Together with fellows and act strategically. Each weapon and operator-specific abilities are used to break up destroyable walls and ceilings, or build a strategy according to the environment, such as placing the windows with liping from the roof! Technology is extremely tightened to win the technology, such as installation of traps, fortressing of the current location, infiltrating into enemy positions.


Tactical Mobile FPS Anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy “Rainbow Six”! Let’s scrape the players around the world with a 5-to-5 intense PVP match.

# Strategic Cooperative PVP

The strategy and teamwork must be key to winning with “Rainbow Six Mobile” and the strategy must be dropped into the map or operation operator. The attack side can break the situation by breaking around the area by visual observation while hiding reconnaissance drone and hiding the body, and breaking the roof and breaking the floor and ceiling. The defense side can defend the area by the use of any post-infiltration seal, wall reinforcement, spy camera or trap. We will install a barbed wire etc. and interfere with the invasion of the attack side. It is important to use team strategies and gadgets to stand up against the opponent. Transfer the team’s strategy set during the preparation phase to run and aim for both attacks and defenses that switch to each round. Make the best life of only one life and lead the team to victory.

Find the best combination of advanced trained operators specialized for specialized operator attacks or defenses. The “Rainbow Six” series operators have their own skills set, main wepon, subwepon, and powerful gadgets. It will not be possible to survive without mastering each skill or gadget. All operators and weapons are highly customized, so you should find the best operator that suits your play tile.

# Infiltration or forfort-by

The operators have advanced technologies, developing a drone to track enemy movements and bomb locations. Attack operators can use various devices to destroy the entrance, untake attention, and bring confusion in the enemy team. On the other hand, the defense operator can create and protect important areas, etc., making it impossible to intrude.

Various game modes and maps

“Rainbow Six Mobile” comes with a popular map of “Rainbow Six Seas”, including “banks” and “borders”. Remembering these maps will be a key to success. In addition, a plurality of game modes such as “area securing” and “bomb” are also mounted simultaneously with the launch.

# Mobile experience

“Rainbow Six Mobile” has been developed and optimized for mobile terminals, such as match time and gaming session shortening. From HUD, you can customize the game settings to fit your own play style and level. Also, new players can get used to strategic play of this game by tutorial.

# Overview

A large popular series “Rainbow Six”, which is familiar with more than 80 million players around the world, appears on mobile terminals! “Rainbow Six Mobile” allows you to enjoy multiplayer first person shooters on mobile terminals. In core game mode, we aim at the 5-to-five battle as the attack side or defense side, and aim at a three round match while making a violent short-distance battle and various rushings. Let’s experience this tactical shooter designed for Android and iOS.

# About product

Publisher: Ubisoft
Scheduled release: 2022
Platform: ios, Android
Genre: Tactical FPS

RAINBOW SIX MOBILE © 2022 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are registered or unregistered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Assassin s Creed Infinity will not be free to play

Earlier this summer, Ubisoft formally announced ssassin s Creed Infinity, which is a new version of the beloved Action Franchise and Adventures of the Editor. In particular, this new version of the series will now focus on live service functions that would be present in infinito. As such, many fans had the impression that a live service assassin s game could end up being free. However, it turns out that this will not be the case.

Disconadened by Ubisoft s own CEO, Yves Guillemot today during a profit call with investors, it became clear that Assassin s Creed Infinity will not be a free game despite its live service structure. It will not be a free game and this game will have many narrative elements, said Guillemot. Ubisoft s financial director then emphasized that, in general, infinite is still in the early stages of its development, which means that it is likely that we do not see anything substantial for quite some time.


Despite having very little of what depart, Guillemot provided some more details about what Assassin s Creed Infinity will really be looking like. It s going to be a very innovative game, but it will have what the players already have in all the games of Assassin s Creed, all the elements that they love from the beginning, he said. It s going to be a huge game, but with many elements that already exist in the games we publish in the past.

All in all, Ubisoft has continued to emphasize that infinito will continue to have much in common with the previous titles of Assassin s Creed despite having live service components. It remains to be seen if this ends up sounding true or not, but hopefully we should see more about the title in a short time.

What are your feelings about ssassin s creed infinity based on what they have told us so far? Are you interested in playing this new entry of the series even if Ubisoft is mixing the formula a bit? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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