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An artificial intelligence imagines the end of the world and the result is as overwhelming as Creepy

If we were talking about artificial intelligence, certain images would probably come naturally to the mind, more or less autonomous machines for example, or terminator for the most catastrophic. However, the so-called artificial intelligence is capable of many things beyond what is only the result of distant fantasies for the moment, and Tiktokeurs have demonstrated in recent months through image generators created by artificial intelligences, among them one called Midjourney. And the results are usually quite scary.

  • Official discord dedicated to Midjourney

last selfies before the end of the world

It was in Discord dedicated to Midjourney that a user chose to represent one of the most feared events by human beings for a long time, probably their own origins: the end of the world. To do this, he asked him to draw how the latest selfies taken as the world we know is being faded.

The result is at least disturbing and, in the worst case, terrifying according to individuals. Naturally, we see a human being in the foreground, the principle of selfie, but we notice quite easily that something is not well in the first shot. The crowd behind this seemingly happy being seems to be fleeing something or someone.

When paying more attention to these drawings, we notice that these three selfies would have been taken by the same person in the same place but with a few minutes apart. Thus, if in the first drawing we see an appearance of happiness despite the obvious flight of a crowd gathered due to an important a priori event, while the character of the foreground seems disconnected from reality to the point of offering a Little selfie, the following two images are much less auspicious. This first false shot also seems to represent ironically the absurdity of human behavior in certain extreme situations, having fun and trying at all costs of creating the moment without really being aware of what is happening.

The second image, in the center, seems to represent this crowd during the Apocalypse itself. Naturally, the enthusiasm shown by the alleged protagonist has vanished from his face and everything around him seems to have reduced to ashes. He included by the way. A thick black smoke emerges in the background, and the crowd that we already imagined panic in the first shot has given way to a tide of demacred beings in perdition. Despair and misunderstanding are notorious in this image, much more than in the previous one… but also in the next!

The third and last selfie seems to portray the situation just after the Apocalypse (whose origin we also do not know, although we can imagine it quite easily). If the euphoria of the first drawing has not returned and although we understand that the protagonist and the crowd of which he was part of are all dead, this shot seems to testify to the state in which all these are found. Beings: its end was inevitable, they were spectators of the end of the world and take us as witnesses of it through these selfies. However, one thing seems obvious: they are appeased, the worst is left behind… Forever.

Ansiogenic trend of a harmless tool

Although particularly disturbing, this type of drawing really has little concrete meaning. This artificial intelligence generates images thanks to the knowledge that has accumulated through various means, in particular and probably what we find on the Internet for example. The problem is that the mere fact of placing the words artificial intelligence somewhere is enough to give the reader or the spectator the feeling that an appearance of divinity has pronounced sacred words whose veracity is proven and indisputable. It is in any case the feeling that one has when reads the comments of Internet users in response to this type of requests.

However, it is not so: these artificial intelligences, which can be exploited shortly for more or less disturbing purposes, are only inspired by the knowledge acquired by human beings according to the internet prism. The end of the world, the meaning of life… issues as vast as unfathomable and for those who (to date) there is no absolute and universal response. Therefore, these should be taken by what they are: generators of particularly successful images and, sometimes, surprising, certainly not for prophecies. They respond to a request according to the hot issues at the time of the application, and it is a safe bet that if the same had been requested even only a few decades before, the result would have been different.

To demonstrate it, we have chosen to offer you some of the drawings that this same artificial intelligence has developed on very different themes based on the terms used for each of these requests.
You have the challenge of considering that Van Gogh and Erdogan were once contemporaries of each other.
Bombay in 200 years
Jardines of the future
Realistic Minecraft
A dinosaur fleeing a huge alien
van Gogh and Rece Tayyip Erdogan
Beautiful hyperrealist alien woman
Angel Gabriel
Finally, if they are nothing more than amazing but not predictive designers, these artificial intelligences can undoubtedly be a good way to rethink our own operational methods.

In the end, do not we have an incredible opportunity to see ourselves as human beings according to our own behavior but from the eyes of an entity outside our own society?

SEGA discloses the duration of the Sonic Frontiers campaign as well as its ace in the hole for success

Sonic Frontiers intended to be just one of the correct names of this June. The new and ambitious set of the hedgehog of SEGA has been shown in various gameplays that, although initially they did not obtain all the assistance of the neighborhood, in the last it seems that the speech can be changing training course.

They insist on their open world as a secret weapon Our Open Zone is a Mapamundi, just that we have actually made it entirely playable, he explains. A usable Mapamundi that consists of aspects by levels is something that has never ever been done so far, so we had to locate a brand-new name, he claims, referring to the open world as the trump card ** of Sonic Frontiers.


The big issue that followers point is the open world of Sonic, which is both as sensible as a character for a character accustomed to animated environments. In a meeting with IGN, supervisor Morio Kishimoto has revealed that they call Open Zone to the open world , as well as take into consideration the primary axis.

A comprehensive period

Furthermore, Kishimoto has been asked about the approximate duration of the game campaign, which points once again to new standards for the saga. The Sonic Frontiers campaign will take us in between 20 as well as 30 hrs generally , although he promises that those who intend to complete everything will increase this number.

If the wager is ultimately well Collection X | S and also NINDO BUTTON, to inspect. Despite the issues of some fans , for the minute a hold-up is ruled out, so we ought to proceed waiting on this year.

Frontiers intended DISCOR

We already have a main server! A place where you can talk straight to the publication’s editors, take part in competitors, obtain gifts or just have a great time with various other users. Do not consider it anymore and join our area.

Join the Frontiers intended discord

We currently have a main web server! A place where you can speak straight to the magazine’s editors, get involved in competitors, get gifts or simply have a great time with various other individuals. Do not assume regarding it any longer and also join our area.

Sony Day of Play: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart can currently be acquired cheaply from MediaMarkt [Promotion]

If you have currently obtained a PS5, you shouldn’t miss Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart It is among the first PS5-exclusive titles-and he alone really makes the acquisition of the console worthwhile. Now go along with the title heroes on their journeys in between the measurements and the for just EUR 39.99, an excellent rate for a PS5 game.

Right here you get Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in the Test-Da’s initial ready which the PS5 is beneficial.

276 11.


In this world, Dr. Nefarious in power, which triggers Ratchet and Clank to obtain together with the women Lombax Rivet. The 3 of them are now attempting to quit the dark strategies of the villain in two measurements at the very same time.

much more on the subject.

that awaits you in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

The 2 do not get a peaceful minute, even after they have actually saved the world several times, due to the fact that their adversary Dr. Nefarious is back. The last tries to press himself right into a different dimension, so our heroes have no selection however to follow him.

In any kind of situation, one point awaits you: lots of enjoyable! This time you accompany the Lombax Ratchet and also his mechanical close friend Clank on a brand new adventure-although both need to actually be in retirement.

What does the gameplay have to supply?

Off to MediaMarkt as well as obtain Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Of program, the unusual weapons should not be missing-and they do not. There are still some well-known devices, however as numerous new, innovative ways to beat your enemies. No matter whether it is a hail of bomb or basic shotgun: Below you ensure selection.

much more supplies at the Days of Play.

If Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart does not seem like your preference, or demands your pocketbook for even more games, you will absolutely find it right here:.

a lot more on the topic.

The biggest innovation is the rift system that gives the video game its name. Customarily, you fly from World to World, but you can change between the measurements of Ratchet and Rivet in certain areas, which entirely changes the setting.

It is one of the first PS5-exclusive titles-and he alone really makes the purchase of the console worthwhile. Now go along with the title heroes on their experiences between the dimensions and also the for only EUR 39.99, a great cost for a PS5 game.

There are still some well-known gizmos, yet as many brand-new, imaginative ways to defeat your enemies. Some web links built into this web page are associate links. Depending on the service provider, obtain Ratchet gets a little payment without an impact on the cost when acquiring on these links.

Days of Play 2022: The 10 finest game bargains for PS4 & PS5 [display]

Some web links constructed into this web page are associate links. Relying on the supplier, obtain Ratchet gets a small payment without an influence on the cost when acquiring on these links. More details.

In the core, every little thing is preserved in Rift Apart that makes older titles of the collection: leaping a great deal of jumping, searching for tricks as well as shooting about as you please. There are additionally innovations, certainly, as an example, as an example, you can ruin with the globe at warp speed.

World of Tank Hope Koreas strongest team in Korea

Hopes won the World of Tank Korean team battle on the 14th.

World of Tank Korea Battle is a tournament that selects five teams in Korea, and Season 3 was sponsored by Hyperx, SecretLab, Swagger and SWAGGER and 11.11 million won.

South Korean New MOST POWERFUL Tank Shocked The World

Four teams, including the Eternal Division, Lupin, Glitch, and Hope, advanced to the playoffs on the 14th, and the Hope won 4-2.

The Hope earned 5 million won, Hyperx Wireless Headset, and Swagger Shampoo, and Gley, who was second, won 2.5 million won, Swagger Shampoo, 3rd Eternal Division, and 4th Lupine. _S_P, which was selected as MVP, was injured with a secret lab gaming chair.

Wargaming Kim Seung -ho, World of Tank Product Manager, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to all the teams who showed the essence of the team play and showed the essence of the team play. Participants can compete in their skills and confirm each other’s skills and viewers are wonderful team strategies. It’s a good opportunity to see, so I will continue to develop team battle. ”

The tournament was broadcast live through the Wargaming Korea Twitch channel and can be seen again through the Wargaming Korea YouTube channel. For more information, please visit the official website of the World of Tanks.

New World gets Story

The March Update for New World not only includes the next and last part of the current story, there is also a new weapon and a new endgame expedition. In addition, Amazon Games wants to implement further adjustments that many of the community have long wish.

NEW WORLD: “Heart of Madness” update comes in March

New World - Timeline of a Failure

The new Story Extension of New World titled “Heart of Madness” is to finish the main history around Isabella. There is a new expedition with “Heart of Storm Winds” . The 5-player dungeon is available from step 60 and should be entered from a 550 armor.

In addition to the continuation of the story, there will also be a new weapon. The thunderbuch is a hand-guided ranged weapon , which is aligned for short and medium distance. The thunder bushing of course has two weapons control trees. “ Enclosure” Gives you skills that you can get close to opponents and gets considerable damage there. The tree “chaos” is suitable for keeping opponents at a distance and cause space damage. The new weapon still has a special feature: you scaled with strength and intelligence and is suitable for close combating, but also for use with magic. Of course, a legendary weapon quest gets the thunderbench. (Source: Amazon Games).

In February, New World focused on improving existing content: _


New World turns the grind factor to the joy of the fans

Daniel Hartmann

Important adjustments on inventory and cooldowns

The March Update has again over a hundred small changes and customizations in the luggage, the details can be found in the current PTR patch notes. A few important innovations are available when inventory:

  • The inventory can be used soon
  • Ammunition has no weight more and no longer limits your load

  • If you die, no longer loses durability in the inventory
  • No more costs for transferring objects from a warehouse to another

In addition, daily cooldowns are now always reset at 5:00 am and the weekly cooldowns on Tuesdays also at 5:00 clock. Another useful change concerns the purchase of houses, you will soon get back 50 percent of the purchase price if your property sells again.

The March update is tested as usual first on the Ptr , starting signal is tonight (March 3, 2022) from 19:00 . As always, until a patch lands on the live servers, changing different things.

You do not want to miss any news about technology, games and pop culture? No current tests and guides? Then follow us on Facebook (March Tech, March Games) or Twitter (March Tech, March Games).

What happens if you fail with the severe open world “Elex 2”? “The second life” full of mistakes

An open world game that can be fallen to a vast world and can be aware of it. Some works where you can enjoy the relationship with the NPC characters, and that experience can be called “second life” that tastes only in time? “ELEX II” is also a work that can be experienced. It is an open world game that changes the impression from people and the relationship with the forces through the player’s decision. However, in this work, the eight way beauty is not useless. She allies to whom and who will give priority? Be sure to associate the action. It is a work that can taste the acid of the relationship with people.

This time, THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. had an opportunity to jump into the world of “ELEX II (Elex 2)”. This work is PS4 · PS5 package version / PS4 · PS5 download version / XBOX ONE · Xbox Series X | S Download version / STeam version is on sale. The authors act in the STEAM version, act as their intuition and desire, and challenged the “second life” to send in the world where human relationships are intertwined. Somehow I feel that failure and regret, I will tell you a play experience that feels the distinct size of this work.

# “ELEX II” introduction

I would like to introduce “Elex II” before the experiences. This work is the sequel to the open world game “ELEX”. Development is responsible for Piranha Bytes known in the Risen series and “Gothic” series. It is a game system that can be an action RPG of the third person perspective and exploring the vast world freely, and enjoys exchanges with people with a variety of culture.

The stage of this work is the planet “Malalan” where the meteorites collide and the civilization collapsed. The view of the world has a post-apocalypse, SF and fantasy fused aspects. Some of the power to manipulate advanced technologies and energy weapons, and there are people who rely on nature and magic. In this work, five factions with such various ideologies appear. There is no government that governs Malalan, and basically each is the situation where each is alerts each other.

The main character of the player who is a player who is a “jack” is a man called “jack”. He was the main character in the previous work “Elex” and showed a remarkable success. On the other hand, in this work, I live in a places where it is a town, and will come out on an adventure trip in response to the arrival of “Sky and”, which is a new invader. Jacks are a mission that works on five factions to save Malalan from new threats. However, it does not go to one stroller to put together different factions of the way of thinking. Player selection also affects the relationship between characters and factions, and it is also spread to the development of the story. In order to get the best results, it is necessary to understand and carefully make people.

# “ELEX II” can be enjoyed in “Self” or

Therefore, I was decided to try to play honestly for my feelings at “Elex II” where cautious is required. That’s why it is a type that is always thinking that is a normal author and a colletrior and “I don’t want to be hated by anyone if possible.” If it is, I want to behave in my own mind without thinking about people in the game. In addition, there is also an intention to make sure that “Elex II”, which is required to be able to returning if it fails, or whether it can be enjoyed even if you play easily. As a result, this work provided “Fails to enjoy” a newborn game play.

# Book your home by first

The beginning of this work starts with a scene where the jacks that have put the prey return to his residence. I thought that the authors thought to be a calm atmosphere, and I thought that “I will remember the operation in a slow-life part and I wonder if the story will be developed”, but that kind of shop is not good. A calm home is not a non-sense, and it will be shattered by a suddenly flying meteorite. I will not wait for an adventure, I will come from the other way. Moreover, from the meteorites, dangerous products such as purple beacons have a purple bubble begins. Jacks with a blowout and a blow are falling from the cliff and fainting.

The character who helped the jacks that regained his consciousness is an adam character. He is a threat of Malalan, a new aggresser Sky and an anti-beaker. The establishment of the 6th power of humanity for that, he proposed a jack of the former hero. Then, I left the jet pack in the jacks and left and left “I’m waiting at the base of the north.” Immediately, I felt a jet pack in the room, as a matter of course, I was going to be a gorigori on the ceiling.

The author that came out was headed south for the time being. Some of the adventive appearance of Adam did not like it. He also tried to try a jet pack that he got a lot. Jetpack can be activated at any time during search, and it reaches a considerable height at a great speed. If you get over the south rock wall and overcome swiland, the Sky and Sky Administration was waiting. When I was scolded by just revenge, I got more than half of his physical strength in a light blow like a cat punch. I flew away with my body, one night for my strength recovery in a small cabin. Although it can act freely from the beginning, it is a system with a certain risk.

# Minimum father

An author who reflect on the other side of the wandering wandering to the north of Adam. However, there are dotted ruins and the like in the way. If you try to explore, it is often an item that the item exists, and it has become crazy about the dwelling road using the jet pack. Also, if you fall out of the high off, you will hit his knees or hit damage and eat damage. He might have been “when he comes” because he was 3 nights for Adam for recovery.

If you go to the north again, you encounter the jacks’ spouse Kaja. She seems to be at a considerable position in the power “Berserker” that believes in magic and nature. It should be a couple, but if you talk to talk, it is a bit sowing, and it seems that the jack has a very good feeling. As a result of consultation, it became a flow to protect the dex of two sons.

Deex is successfully joined and joining him to a journey to aim at the north. However, his father’s figure of his father where Dex Deix was witnessed, the ruins were, if you were bad, they were spoiled by the person who lived by people. When encountering a strong monster, it is the end of the authors, that is, his father to be ridiculously. This is that jacks can not be helped by Casa. Although it is not hated by the same NPC in stealing, son that his father steals the figure that does not have the slippery son is quite surreal. In addition, in conversation events, the accompanying person may have a mouth according to the character, and various situations will be more interesting.

# Good Adam

While I was in a journey and search, I was allowed to wait for Adam close to one week in the game time. I thought that he wanted to wait. When he joins him, a quest that “negotiating five powers”, which is the axis of the story, appeared. After the way, the story of this work starts. Also, while searching, the aforementioned Kasa is a fellow who is scared. The parent-child trip has been traveled, but what you do is theft that invades the private house as usual. It is a thief family.

It is a casual that is not good friends with jacks, but his companion will work great. She is a wizard, but she will help her with high thermal magic. Rather, in the early stages, Kasa has several more fighting skills, and basically it will only run away with her. It is natural to be hated. Also, there is also a cajila. She was disliked at a stretch when he intended the gatekeeper of the visited Berserker base. Besides that, it is one of the many words of the authors and the secret is getting worse and more. On the other hand, she is slightly hated and it will come to the journey as it is. The couple is complicated.

In addition, in this work, people other than Kasa are also an impression that there are many cold responses. If the civilization is collapsed, it is natural if it is natural if the faction is misclassified, but it is still when it comes to coming and threats. Every time, although there is a decrease in sensitivity and penalty that I think “Oh, I failed”, the impact on the game progression is not too tight. However, I felt a good balance that feels a good balance of the causal report, such as being refused in the scene that should be cooperated.

Also, although it is an experience in the game, it is fresh to put it as it is. It is also a sufficiently allowed system to play to act as being hated by your heart. In addition to the manual save in addition to the auto save function in this work, it will be an ant in the scene where you do not want to fail. During the person’s play, the reason worked just before the belly guard worked, and there was a scene that did not lose progress thanks to the save. Hard soldiers were stronger.

# RPG’s Best “Ability Enhancement” Failed

By enjoying human relationships, they are fun to be able to enjoy the ability of the protagonist. In this work, the use of levels and items allows “AP” to strengthen various statuses of the protagonist and “LP” that can be used to enhance abilities and enhancing jet packs. The status has five types of “muscle strength”, “physical”, “nobility”, “wisdom” and “”, giving various effects to the game. Specifically, agility requires the equipment for long-distance weapons, and the equipment of heavy weapons is required, and both must have a constant strength. This also affects the ability to acquire, for example, to get hacking skills, and greatly affect the gameplay, such as prominent quickness and.

There is an element that mads the judgment of the authors in the ability value distribution that is required for such a caution. It is a jet pack. The jet pack of this work is good. If you take off with one button, you basically leave the safety area. Hazardous situations are served as a trump card that can be used at any time. In addition, frequently used in movement and search. Honestly, the good sensitivity from the author as a journey is about the jet pack than Kaja. Therefore, the authors have brought points to “wisdom” necessary for strengthening the jet pack in the first half.

Then, the status is not enough and can not be equipped with a new weapon. In other words, although there are also wists, the battle has finished the poor jacks. On the other hand, regret did not last long. The required jet pack function was worthwhile to sacrifice combat power. Sprint booster that allows the horizontal flight of the fadious speed, which gained at the expense of physical, also helped to make the enemy in addition to a comfortable search. The status allocation to regret it for a moment, and it is a mechanism that helps adventure in any way if you make use of the strengths firmly.

I can not get back with a failure.

If you play this work, many events will happen. The decision in the quest, who was completely irrelevant, and the decision in the quest that was completely irrelevant is different. As an example, there was a manager who was kept by the child just being kind to the child, and there was a two-chairing behavior. Although he tried to cut off and cut, I remembered the strength of the guard and paid the sword. However, there is a weight for nothing and the point that gives a later unexpected effect, as it looks like life and fun.

In addition, selective choices will bring significant results. One day jacks and his line visited the subway stations that go to the destination. However, there was a liveliers from factions. At first, although it was an ex-feder who touched me friendly, I converted with their leader. Attitudes. If you want to go through, it means that you sell guest quest companions.

At that time, the guest character that I accounted was honest and a bad man. However, a man who threatens and threatens with Nico Nico is not good. I was completely brushed to my head, “Well, it’s good, I’m going around,” I immediately refused. However, while continuing the conversation, the clouds are getting more and more suspicious, and the sense of tension with piri. The author who could withstand tensions, despite the other options, despite the choice of my kick, I cut the weapons and chose the entire war.

Corps of an attacker to attack. The person who has cut the war and the authors flew away with all power. It’s because I’m dead. After screaming and sword flicker stopped, the corpse of the exemplators was lying at a time. Fortunately, I got a victory by the struggle of my friends. However, many elevencers who lived at the subway station have died all without leaving. In the miserable that many lives were lost, I felt the feelings of strong pity and I muttered “Why. I am because I was killed. However, if it is a successful name of his injury, it is a letter because it has been brought about the belongings and supplies of the exemplit.

# Life Taste

The author has had a lot of mistakes in “Elex II”. On the other hand, there were times when a bullish attitude is successful. Also, it is rare to be such as so-called “stuffing”. His life as a jacking will continue to be hated by his spouse.

A number of failures and pronounces that the author, jacks have become a cure if it happens in reality. However, if it is the world of the game, it can be accepted and can be a laugh. “ELEX II” experienced the fun of a colletrior, and he experienced the fun and its risks. It is a work that can enjoy the taste of “second life”, which is also sweet and sweet.

In addition, there was a difficulty degree selection in this work, and I was played in normal mode. Easy and story mode are available as easier difficulty levels and can be changed at every time. Even if you are not good at fighting, you will be able to enjoy life as a jack. If you are a careful type that you do not want to fail, you should also live the world of “Elex II” in the way of enjoying the intuitive way. You are just waiting for your adventure or a story in a rare way.

“Elex II” is PS4 · PS5 package version / PS4 · PS5 download version / XBOX ONE · XBOX Series X | S Download / STeam version is currently on sale.

Elden Ring developer plead fans: “Please do not post spoilers!”

Elden Ring, the new title of From Software, appears in a few days. As it is with games of the developer studio so, so far, there is not too much information about the actual world of the game. Which bosse will it give everything? What exactly is the story of the game? Which objects provide important indications to solve the mysteries of the world?

Watch This Before you Play Elden Ring!

FROM Software does not want spoilers to elden ring

For many players, this is discovering and exploring a from-software world one of the main reasons why you play a title at all. Of course it would not be too nice if you would first find a spoiler about bosses, crashes, or the like on the internet.

The developers of From Software probably see the same as today, because today, on February 21, 2022, the official Elden-Ring-Twitter account shared a request for the developer. Players from Elden Ring should not share spoilers for the new title so that at the right release on February 25, everyone can experience the game for themselves.

It will probably not be avoiding that spoilers zu Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.98 € / 50.99 €) make the round. At the latest, when the game has been published, many players want to share their experiences online. After all the waiting time and silence around the title, it would probably be a shame if the mysteries of the history written by George RR Martin would be spoiled.

When does Elden Ring appear?

As already mentioned, Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022. Meanwhile, we even know the exact time to which the game is published. A pre-download will also be available for 48 hours before the right release, so you can get started with the game directly on Friday without a large download phase.

To home page

Sonic Frontiers in Preview A hedgehog conquers the big world

Once upon a time there was a small game series called The Legend of Zelda. One day, I want to be quite big! And she decided that she wanted to be an open-world adventure from now on. Schwupdiwupp threw them a corresponding coat, called the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and went out into the world.

People liked this new Zelda, and gradually they came to make him their attention. Other games but saw Breath of the Wild and said I can do too!. And they turned and stretched and stretched, and in the end was there a completely long list of titles, which looked like Zelda, a little felt like that, but no one managed to get the coat so elegant in the same way to wear.

And then, when Zelda was about to buy a new, even larger Open World coat, there was Sonic The Hedgehog, therefore, called Sonic Frontiers and said Joey, I would then try. And the others who wore Breath of the Wild’s coat that looked at Sonic, and they took him; And people who have accompanied Sonic for a long time on his travels, looked at him and also took him.

For they all knew his many misfortunes, his years of the trustees and the catastrophic coatings, which had drawn his once good reputation. But then stood up and said, Look at him, his first impression is good, give him a chance!, And the, dear children, we want to do now.

Table of Contents

  1. Page 1Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world, page 1
  2. 1.1Gräger
  3. 1.2i at the Eggman
  4. Page 2Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world, page 2
  5. 2.1Bean tails? Without us!
  6. 2.2The next attempt
    3rd page 3 picture gallery too Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the great…

Border char

Sonic Frontiers in the preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world (2) Source: Sega Welcome back in reality, in the Sega on the occasion of Sonic’s 30th birthday and in the context of the Game Awards that made it officially, which has been rumored for a long time : Sonic returns with a new 3D adventure (this is the less surprising part), but that puts on a completely new structure. Open World means the motto, and so the first trailer, apart from a few seconds action, also exactly that: large areas with different diodes, large buildings, antique structures, everything accompanied by ambience music and a sense of in-itself Resting.

Our introduction did not come from about: just look at an eye, you could believe here just to see the launch trailer of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2017. Incidentally, it is not new that the Sonic developers would like to look at Nintendo for inspiration: The original Sonic The Hedgehog was basically Super Mario in fast, Sonic: Lost World was Super Mario Galaxy in fast, and now just Breath of the Wild — Probably in quick.

Interestingly, Sonic trailers are often trying to create a gloomy, adult atmosphere. Why not just accept: does not work? Source: Sega good, the makers restrict the same time. They deliberately call Sonic Frontiers not Open World, but Open Zone. — This can mean much. The image that you get in mind is made of very large, freely deplorable areas, but not all contexts. De facto, for example, The Witcher 3 also goes the same way. Of course, how far the open areas will ultimately go, if more freedom in the first revelation trailer is prefixed than finally implemented.

Strictly speaking, some former Sonic games were finally Open Zone. Already in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for Dream cast and later other systems were trudged by cities, natural areas and other areas, which combined the levels together, including collection and secondary tasks. But those were very clearly, and the actual gameplay then found again in separate levels.

We suspect the big difference is that there are no longer this level division and will take place the entire gameplay directly in the Overwent. It will be exciting to see how the well-known and strongly scripted high-speed sequences can be transferred to a freely deplorable game world. To look back to the gladly used inspiration Mario: that classic bouncy gameplay can be combined with an open structure, the added add-on Bower’s Fury in the Switch Port of Super Mario 3D World. Whether Sega does that so well?

I am the Eggman

Of course, the question remains unanswered until the release, but otherwise you still have a surprisingly little to Sonic Frontiers. The revelation trailer is definitely good and consistent because of the Zelda nearby, but the act of Sonic Forces too, and we prefer not to lose too many words about this disappointment. In general, 3D-Sonic has built it in recent years, yes, more often in the last two decades, so much has been built as well, skepticism is therefore attached.

And the often used approach to putting any element or gameplay gimmick about the Sonic scaffold — this time Open World — has hardly ever worked for the last few times. But well, we remain optimistic first and now continue to summarize the facts. Sonic Frontiers is located in a world called Star fall Islands. Whether the part of Sonic is home to, or whether it takes him to another dimension or the like remains to be seen.

Anyway, his Old Refined Eggman (or Dr. Robotic, for the older ones among our readers), also with them, and how should it be different, he is listening to it: in a renewed attempt to conquer Sonic and to make the world subtitan, he attacks ancient technology back. However, the attempt to gain control of it is tremendous in the pants, and suddenly, Star fall Island faced with dangerous robot enemies, making the hunt for everything and everyone.

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Sonic Frontiers in Preview: A hedgehog conquers the big world (1) [Source: Sega]

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Sonic Frontiers - Announce Trailer
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Au Weia New WoW book is full of mistakes and reaps anti Semitism

Does Blizzard know your own story world of Warcraft anymore? So it seems, because in the newest book are many mistakes — that slugs the Lore fans.

The latest book by World of Warcraft is not yet released correctly, but already there is criticism. Some mistakes can be found in the book, which bite significantly with previously known story. It also acts as if the peoples of the Horde would be particularly negative — some recognize here parallels to racist prejudices from the real world.

Especially annoying: The book World of Warcraft: Exploring Salvador was written by one of the story masters at Blizzard.

What is the problem? In some pre-publications, readers have found numerous criticisms. The YouTuber Cellular cites a fertilizer in which it’s about the lake Menkar. There was a magician academy, which was used in the war of the ancestor. Further, there is written that [the elfish magicians] tried to lead the magic from the dark portal, which used the burning legion to attack Zeroth.

This only makes little sense, because the dark portal did not exist at that time and was built just under 10,000 years later — in one place, which is then on a completely different continent.

An error that would have actually attracted to the Lore Master Sean Copeland when writing.

What problems are there? Still other passages in the book are criticized how Towhead has compiled. So there is a letter that comes from the Goblin Gallows. Gallows is an experienced master builder and for a goblin right — he pays well and enjoys a pretty good reputation. After all, he helped to build the garrison of the hero in Drano.

The letter, however, shows Gallows arrogant and condescending a completely stranger — and reads more like it would have fitted better to the former Goblin boss Gallows.

Also, the presentation of Khan, which many are still known as Zappy BOI, is strange. He seems clearly uneducated in the book and almost primitive. So he does not know what erosion is — completely absurd for a shaman that is handled with the elements. He does not seem to be able to write and probably learned that by For’the mar — also surprising, role to write most of the places of Zeroth for millennia.

anti-Semitic prejudices are served: Another point that is being discussed is discussed for many players. These are provided by KHAN with deeds and descriptions that have unsightly parallels to racist and anti-Semitic prejudices in the real world. Thus, GOBLINS with her greed, the love of money and large noses have long been many of the anti-Semitic prejudices against Jews.

The fact that the goblins in the book are also considered a water flaw, which is very close to the fountain flaw, produces another, unsightly parallel for some readers.

Book is postponed again: Last but not least, the official release of the book was postponed again by a few weeks — in January 2022. But that should probably not be up to pending corrections, because it is too late. The delay is probably rather at the general bottleneck to resources and the delays in the book market, which were reinforced by the pandemic.

Even before the release, Exploring Salvador is under no good star. Too bad, because the predecessor Exploring Eastern Kingdoms came very well among most players.

The Origins of Anti-Semitism
Can you understand the criticism? Or are this just little things you should not see so close?

Albion Online the best ERA GAMES recent years got a great addition and better graphic

This is a sourced index of business, indie and also freeware room flight simulation games. The checklist is categorized right into four sections: space trip simulators, room flight simulators with an included component of battle, room battle simulators with an included element of trading, as well as unreleased room flight simulators.

Are you also interested in topics related to Albion Online Games?

A space flight simulator video game is software program that enables the driver to experience spacecraft space trip in external space with the included components of gameplay. There are numerous types of simulators. These simulators vary in objective from pure simulation to large amusement. Space flight happens past the Planet’s atmosphere, as well as room trip simulators include the capability to roll, pitch, as well as yaw. Room trip simulators make use of flight characteristics in a totally free environment; this complimentary environment allows the spacecraft move within the three-dimensional coordinate system or the x, y, as well as z (applicable) axis.

See Checklists of computer game for associated lists.

~~ Everyone ~~ Most of you will probably agree with the statement that Albion Online is the most successful (i.e. de facto Best) ERA GAMES, which made its debut on the market in recent years.

It’s a way in which it is run, which causes the number of players — instead of falling (as in the case of New World) — all the time pulls up. Recent data spoke about 270,000 active users a day.

And now to things. Before a dozen or so minutes, Albion Online received the largest this year’s extension — Lands Awakened, whose main novelty is NOW ERA GAMES in the open world.

Each of the five available biomes received a visual upgrade (lively colors, improved lighting, additional elements of the environment, new effects, etc.), thanks to which graphics in Albion jumped on the level, and maybe even two levels up.

Top 10 Best MMORPG Games on Android & iOS 2021 | Top 10 MMORPGs to Play in 2021
What else?

Moby that become stronger and more profitable over time converted static dungeons and locations with treasures
New line of weapons — War gloves
Elite levels (twenty additional levels for each weapon and armor element)
Preyed Seasons of the Guild
Sets can now be purchased on the market now
Improvements of breeding, rolling objects, fees for buildings and team commands
Numerous changes in combat balance
A significantly extended soundtrack with 17 new songs
New artifacts

And most importantly: Business of the fame gained for all activities has been significantly increased, so unlocking new skills by persistent players will be even faster. (Fame is such an EXP equivalent).

Nothing to play — here (Albion Online is available in the Polish language version)

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