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Vanguard sluggish, Activision Bleejad 1Q11 operating profit reduced by 40%

Activity Blizzard recorded a lower performance in the first quarter of this year. Overall sales decreased by 22%, while individual sales and Blizzard individual sales decreased by 49%and 43%, respectively. In particular, Activision explained that the Call of Duty: Vanguard and War Zone, which were released in November last year, had sluggish results.

Activity Blizzard announced on the 25th (local) and its first quarter of its 2022. In this quarter, Activity Blizzard has sales of $ 1.76 billion (about 2.2 trillion won), operating profit of $ 470 million (about 598.6 billion won), and net profit of $ 395 million (about 493.7 billion won) ) Revenue decreased 22% year -on -year, and operating profit and net profit decreased by 40% and 36%, respectively. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and World of Warcraft (Wow), which was released in November 2020: Contrary to the first quarter of last year, which was achieved with the effect of darkness.

In particular, the performance of each game company recorded poor performance and Blizzard. First of all, the first quarter of Activision was $ 453 million, down 49% from the previous year, and monthly activation users (MAU) also fell 33% from the previous year. Among them, MAU is the lowest since Call of Duty: Mobile was released in 2019.

In response to the first quarter’s earnings, Activision reported that Call of Duty: Vanguard, which was launched last year, recorded lower sales than its predecessor, and the participation of Warson was also reduced. However, Call of Duty: Mobile maintained the same performance as last year. Subsequently, he has been focusing on improving Vanguard and Warzone play experience in the first quarter of this year, and emphasized that it will showcase the modern Warfare sequel developed by Infinity Word this year and a completely redesigned war z1. The two new Call of Duty were released in February, and Activision reiterated that both games will provide more advanced experiences. Lastly, I once again mentioned the Warzone Mobile, which was announced last March.

Blizzard was then only $ 274 million, down 43% from the same period last year, and MAU decreased by 19% to 22 million. MAU is the lowest since the second quarter of 2016, when the company announced its MAU levels by company. In the first quarter of this year, Blizzard explained that the launch cycle of Warcraft franchise products was affected. In fact, Wow, who is focusing on, is launched in November 2020 and is celebrating its second year of service this year.

Blizzard explained that he is pursuing several projects related to Warcraft. First, on the 12th, a new expansion pack of Hearthstone was released, ‘Sailing to Substated Cities’, and on the 20th, the new expansion pack’ Yonggun Corps’ was released on the 20th, and ‘Rich King’s anger, who led the game in the Wow Classic at the end of this year. It has announced that it is launched. Lastly, in the annual annual performance announcement in February this year, the company announced that it will release new information about Warcraft Mobile, which announced the launch of the year.

Activision Have Big Problems (This Might Change Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies)

In addition, Diablo Immortal will be released on PC and mobile on June 2, and Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are also being developed. Diablo 4 is currently conducting an in -house test, and Overwatch 2 will be tested for user for PVP mode on the 26th.

Lastly, King, which is well -known as a candy crush series, recorded sales of $ 682 million, an increase of 12% year -on -year, and MAU reduced 3% to 250 million. Overall, King has maintained solid performance, while Activision and Blizzard seemed to have fallen lower than the previous year, and the overall performance of the company has fallen. In particular, in terms of MAU, the combined number of active and Blizzards decreased by 31% from 177 million to 122 million, and about 55 million people decreased.

Activision Blizzard has been measles internally and externally due to the in -house sexual offenses that broke out in the second half of last year, and in the first quarter of this year, it accepted a lower report than the same period last year. In the Acti Vision, it is trying to make up for the sluggishness with the 2019 Modern Warfare and War Zone, which had a monumental performance centered on Infinity Word, while Blizzard is newly released in Warcraft and Diablo Immortal, which will be released in June. It is a movement to rebound. The key is how much this strategy can achieve.

The PlayStation developer makes fun of the new PS5 Bangers release this year

Former Sony Dev Teases Big PS5 Remake | Ex Sony CEO on Xbox Deal | Dev Praises PSVR2 Design Choices

A developer who works in PlayStation was mocked that the editor will have some “Bangers” that will be launched later in 2022. At this time, the rest of the PlayStation alignment for the rest of the year is still unclear. Outside of Inos of the War: Ragnarok that is probably the most expected PlayStation title for many fans, Sony has not reported much of what it is scheduled for 2022. Fortunately, according to this developer’s comment, it seems that there are still some surprises..

In recent weeks, a PlayStation animator with the name of Robert Morrison has been making fun that the company still has some projects not announced in process that should be launched this year. Morrison (obviously) has not given any clue on which ones could be these titles, but has indicated that the projects in question have been in process during “[Three to Five] years” in total. «PlayStation has some successes that will come out this year,” Morrison said in a previous Tit.

Perhaps the most interesting part of Morrison’s teasing is that he has already specified that the game in which he is working at this moment is not the one of the war: Ragnarok_. However, he has said that what he is developing is “just as a pimp”. The reason why this is remarkable is because he tells us that Morrison is not only promoting the launch of ragnarok, which is something that fans are already waiting anxiously. Knowing that PlayStation could launch another massive game later this year to coincide with the Inos of war The sequel is definitely worth mentioning.

At this time, the most likely projects in which Morrison could be working could include the Last of US Franchise of Naughty Dog. Although it is not known that he is working on a third main delivery of the series at this time, it is confirmed that a multiplayer title is developed within this world. In addition, a new version of the original. The last of us has also been reported during the last year. While Morrison could definitely be working on something completely different, it seems possible that Naughty Dog can have some massive ads to share later in the year.

What games do you think Sony could be planning to launch on PS5 or PS4 as it continues this year? Let me know your best assumption in the comments or communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

I am impressed with smartphone prices next year Cost rise inevitable

The prices of smartphone sales are expected to impress the sale of smartphone next year due to long-term semiconductor suppliers.

This year, smartphone main parts are hidden, and some flags have been impressed by some sales prices of smartphones. Recently, it is a diagnosis that the smartphone price hikes are inevitable as the application processor (AP) supplier (AP) of the smartphone’s brain.

■ Mobile AP, modem chip, Wi-Fi et al.

According to the IT Professional Media GSM Arena, Mediated said that the 18-day flags released on the 18th of last month AP ‘Decencies 9000’ is expected to be expensive near the previous product. However, Qualcomm is supplied to the next generation AP ‘Snapdragon 8’ 1st generation, which announced on the 30th (local time) last month.

Decency 9000 is observed as it will be supplied to B-B-Bi, Real Mi, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Opposes, and the like to be supplied to the future. According to market research counters, MediaTe ch is the first time in the world’s smartphone AP market in the world. That means that it has a lot of supply. According to the industry, it is to be construed as considering Qualcomm Chip price hikes in the second mobile AP market.

In addition to the AP in the smartphone, CMOS image sensor (CIS), memory, short-range wireless communication (NFC), gyro sensor, battery management system (BMS), display drive chip (DDI), audio amplifier, and fingerprint sensor, etc. About 40 semiconductors And. The proportion of semiconductors on the smartphone is more than half.

MediaTe ch has raised 4G and 5G modem chip prices on smartphones last month, respectively, raising up to 14%, 5%, and 20% of Wi-Fi chip prices. ST Microelectronics, which supplies touch sensors and TOF sensors, also raised the price of June, and the impressive price is observed to be applied to the end of this year or next year. In addition, the majority of semiconductor companies have impressed chip prices.

TSMC, Samsung Electronics, UMC, DB Hatch, such as Semiconductor Foundry, is also increasing as the price of the Foundry price hikes in the second half of this year.

A domestic smartphone component industry official said, The smartphone manufacturer is a well understanding of the shortage of the chip supply, said the atmosphere that is generally understood by the chip price hikes, he said..

■ Increased smartphone price next year due to cost rising

Chip price hikes lead to the rise in parts.

According to the data analyzed by the Market Research Agency Tech Inn site, the Part of the iPhone 13 Pro is estimated to be about $570 (about 671,000 won). Last year’s iPhone 12 Pro’s parts source, approximately $548.50 (646,000 won). The report was analyzed by the A15 processor, NAND memory, display subsystem, and main enclosure costs to increase.

You can't ignore rugged phones any longer

The index is an analysis that the impressions are inevitable in smartphone sales price hikes. According to the Market Research Agency Strategy Analytics (SA), the average wholesale price of smartphones around the world rose 5% in the second quarter. It is an unusual flow compared to what was not climbed more than 2% in recent years.

In the case of Xiaomi, the Red Mi Note 10 was released in India in March (about 189,000 won), but it sold at $174 (about 2005,000 won) have.

The main IT foreign and industry is expected to increase about $100 from the Galaxy S21 series, the Galaxy S22 series price, which is released next year, According to Oceana, the expected price of Galaxy S22 series is △ Galaxy S22 $849 (about 1,900,000 won) △ Galaxy S22 + $1.49 (about 1246,000 won) △ Galaxy S22 Ultra $1,299 (about 154 million) It is 4,000 won.

Lineage2m appears at the beginning of December Release Trailer Registration

James Garner (born April 7, 1928, as James Scott Bum garner in Norman, Oklahoma, † July 19, 2014, in Los Angeles, California) was an American actor. The primary star so popular TV series such as Maverick as well as Investigative Rockford telephone call suffices throughout his long occupation in even more than 50 films, consisting of blown chains (1963), Victor/ Victoria (1982), Space Cowboys (2000) and also like a single day (2004).

In October, NCS oft s leaders have already announced that Lineage2m should appear in the West again this year. Lineage2M is like lineage, a pure mobile MMO for iOS and Android, which is with Purple Support but also playable on PC.

The western release should take place simultaneously in 29 countries on 2 December 2021 and support six languages ​​(English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Polish). According to the developers, LINEAGE2M offers completely in 3D rendered environments, with 4K ultra-high-definition graphics. In addition, the environments are to be seamlessly loaded, and the game should offer the largest open world in a mobile game, in which more than 10,000 people in large-scale battles are on the cap.

Furthermore, it is known that you can choose between five playable peoples: people, elves, dwarves, dark elves and orcs. The classes result from your weapons and their specialization. There are swords, double daring, daggers, bows, bars and orbs.

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Parallel For Announcement, NCS oft has published a new trailer for Lineage2M:

[Lineage2M] Cinematic Trailer - Character Highlights

On the official website or the Google Store and the App Store you can already perform the advance registration to secure your in-game rewards. In the stores, you will also find the system requirements that need to master your devices.

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